XIRCA Reseller Solution

XIRCA Reseller Solution

Multi-Level Reseller Turnkey Solution

XIRCA is HEXONET’s most renowned turnkey reseller system, which is used by thousands of Internet businesses worldwide.  Whether you are an Internet professional looking for wholesale domains or a large registrar looking to develop your own reseller channel, XIRCA is the right solution

Profit with XIRCA

Key Business Benefits
  • Signup is completely FREE with no annual/monthly/setup fees
  • Pay per use cost model means no large upfront capital required
  • Completely customizable and services can be branded in your name
  • Wholesale prices for over 200 TLDs, >10 different types of Dedicated and Virtual Private servers, Managed DNS Services and SSL certificates.
  • Free online business tools to manage your customers including custom price creator and reports 
  • Multi-level reseller architecture allows your clients find their own sub- resellers to help build a bigger network for you 
  • Free support via email
Key Technology Benefits
  • High performance, highly available, and scalable
  • Create, extend, and manage services using any or a combination of six different interface protocols including HEXONET’s EPP 1.0 platform
  • Comprehensive API Library
  • Bi-hourly backups and logging to ensure failure recovery
  • Industry leading built in feature set including
    • Domains – Real-time high performance availability checks, registration and management of all major gTLDs and ccTLDs
    • Domains – IDNs for TLDs that support IDN
    • Domains – Pre-registration system with easy to use templates
    • Domains – Trustee service to support restrictive TLDs
    • DNS – Multiple redundant servers across three datacenters
    • SSL – Industry leading Comodo, GeoTrust, Thawte and VeriSign certificates
    • Dedicated & virtual Servers

Sign-Up is free, no commitment and no minimum revenue required!  HEXONET is sure once you give our system a try, as well as, see our wholesale price list, you will make XIRCA your platform of choice. 

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