XIRCA Reseller Solution

XIRCA Reseller Solution

XIRCA Architecture

Layer 1: Reseller Website and Systems

Layer 2: Connectivity Options to XIRCA

  • Multiple interface protocols allow resellers to connect via most suitable method or through a combination of methods.
  • Scalable cluster architecture from application servers to databases
  • Reseller system that enacts, manages, and records all transactions 

Layer 3: Wholesale Product and Services

  • Domains – More than 200 wholesale TLDs can be registered through our inhouse Registrar - 1API GmbH
  • Domains – Large Registrars can plug-in Registry credentials via RegistrarOC
  • DNS Services – Managed DNS Services for clients
  • SSL Certs – Industry leading Comodo, GeoTrust, Thawte and VeriSign certificates at wholesale
  • Servers – Dedicated or virtual private servers can be resold without reseller having to touch or configure any equipment, HEXONET does it all.
  • More Services and Products – HEXONET is constantly releasing new services for our clients to resell; stay tuned for more!

Sign-Up is free, no commitment and no minimum revenue required!  HEXONET is sure once you give our system a try, as well as, see our wholesale price list, you will make XIRCA your platform of choice. 

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