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Turnkey Solutions for Resellers, Internet Service Providers and Registrars

Since 1999, HEXONET has been a premier developer of Internet reseller systems and solutions. HEXONET ‘s solutions are renown for their performance, reliability, ease of integration, and especially innovative service features, some of which are not available anywhere else.   See why thousands of resellers, ISPs, and registrars make HEXONET solutions their platform of choice. 

XIRCA – Multi-Level Reseller Turnkey Solution

XIRCA is HEXONET’s most renowned turnkey reseller system, which is used by thousands of Internet businesses worldwide.  Whether you are an Internet professional looking for wholesale domains or a large registrar looking to develop your own reseller channel, XIRCA is the right solution ... › more

Registrar Operations Center (RegistrarOC) – Turnkey Registrar Platform

RegistrarOC is a comprehensive stand-alone registrar system.  Built with the latest technologies and requirements like Data Escrow (ICANN), RegistrarOC is the highly reliable, high performance, and ultra cost effective alternative to developing and operating an in house registrar. Simply signup and plug-in in registry accreditations and start registering domains in minutes! ... › more

EPP 1.0 – Hundreds of ccTLD Registries with one EPP Connection

HEXONET’s EPP platform is the first of its kind industry wide.  Instead of using a multitude of arduous protocols to connect to the wide array of country code Registries, the HEXONET EPP Platform allows registrars to connect to these same Registries through a single elegant EPP 1.0 protocol connection ... › more

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