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HEXONET EPP 1.0 Platform

Hundreds of ccTLD Registries, one EPP Connection

HEXONET’s EPP platform is the first of its kind industry wide.  Instead of repeated and costly implementation, as well as, maintenance for arduous individual connections for each and every country code Registry, the HEXONET EPP 1.0 Platform allows registrars to connect to these same Registries through a single elegant EPP 1.0 protocol connection.  EPP 1.0 is the easy way to turn ccTLDs into a profit center

Selling ccTLDs With or Without the EPP 1.0 Platform

EPP advantage

Key Benefits
  • One simple and easy connection implementation
  • Compliant with EPP 1.0 (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) strict to RFC 4930-4933
  • Connect to over 200 TLDs through EPP including .DE, .BE, .EU, .UK, .NL, …etc.
  • Works in conjunction with other connection types including
    • HTTPS – API
    • Email gateway
    • Webinterface (Control Panel) @
  • Included and available for any reseller connecting via XIRCA
  • Included and available for registrars connecting via RegistrarOC

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