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HEXONET provides you with various possibilities of connecting your own technical systems with our Domain-Robot. Next to a comfortable webinterface and other interfaces such as:

  • Emailgateway
HEXONET now offers as probably the first provider worldwide access to our domain-robot via a real EPP 1.0 (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) strict to RFC 4930-4933.

EPP is the recommended RFC 4930-4933 communication-protocol between Domain-Registars and the respective Registries.

With this EPP Implementation you now have access to more than 200 different TLDs through one single protocol. In the event that you hold different own accreditations then you now also have the possibility of managing your accreditation through RegistrarOC and connect to them through EPP.

EPP Gateway Manual

Download the EPP Gateway Manual here.

Test our EPP Demonstrator:

EPP-Testbed with your own System:
Login:   test.user
Password:   test.passw0rd


Any questions regarding EPP? Please send your email to or contact us by phone: +49.6841.69840.
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