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According to the German law all prices shown on this page are GROSS prices including 19% German VAT.

The German VAT doesn't apply to:
  • Customers of HEXONET GmbH
    • who are located in the European Union and who have an own VAT-ID number.
    • outside the European Union
  • Customers of HEXONET Services Inc.
    • located outside Canada
Please note that HEXONET GmbH only offers their services to business customers.



As one of the first providers in Germany, HeXoNet offers monthly billing for .DE Domains. This new feature offers tremendous potential for both novice, as well as professional domainers.

  • Perfect for testing without paying for the entire year
  • Suitable for short-term projects, events, "seasonal domains"
  • "Domaintasting" - Monitor how much traffic a domain generates
  • Payment period is always adjustable at a later point in time
  • Realtime registration: Faster than others and less expensive!


We do not charge a monthly system use fee or require minimum revenue. The prices are strictly defined by the number of domains you have under management. Once you have more than 2000 Domains under management, contact us and we will negotiate prices individually based on the volume of the respective Top Level Domain.

1-99 domains 100-999 domains > 1000 domains
Setup: 1.90 EUR
(netto: 1.60 EUR)
Monthy: 0.80 EUR
(netto: 0.67 EUR)
Setup: 1.55 EUR
(netto: 1.30 EUR)
Monthly: 0.68 EUR
(netto: 0.57 EUR)
Setup: 1.19 EUR
(netto: 1.00 EUR)
Monthly: 0.50 EUR
(netto: 0.42 EUR)

Example calculation

A .DE-Domain is registered for 3 months with the highest discount rate (see above): 0.50 EUR (netto: 0.42 EUR) x 3 = 1.50 EUR (netto: 1.26 EUR). Adding the 1.19 EUR (netto: 1.00 EUR)setup fee brings the total cost of that domain to 2.69 EUR (netto: 2.26 EUR) instead of 5.71 EUR (netto: 4.80 EUR) that is charged for a complete 1-year-registration.

This pricing model is therefore optimal for individuals who either want to test traffic or require a large number of "seasonal domains".
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