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  • » Product Research and Strategy
  • » Registrar Platforms and Development
  • » Registrar Operations and Optimization
  • » Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • » Product and Corporate Branding,
  • » Partnerships and Acquisitions
  • » Registry Research, Analysis, and Marketing
  • » General Counsel and Advisory Services.


Product Research and Strategy

Product Research and Strategy
  • Market analysis and competitive scan
  • Product needs analysis and reports
  • Marketing- and Product Requirements
  • Client requirements and user interface design
  • Product development and process

Registrar Platforms and Development

Registrar Platforms and Development
  • Requirements and performance analysis
  • Third party integration planning
  • Accreditation analysis and application process

Registrar Operations and Optimization

Registrar Operations and Optimization
  • Automation and manual processes
  • Platform roll-out and testing
  • Operational metrics and reporting

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Sales strategy
  • Roll-out with metrics and tracking

Product and Corporate Branding

Product and Corporate Branding
  • Brand value statement and uniqueness
  • Corporate brand design and procurement
  • Website and client interface design

Partnerships, Acquisitions, and Industry Engagement

  • Partner and third party analysis
  • Introduction services
  • Guided engagement service

Registry Research, Analysis, and Marketing

  • New TLD research and feasibility
  • Existing TLD evaluation and recommendations
  • TLD product and marketing strategy
  • Marketing Execution and Role-out

General Counsel and Advisory Services

  • As requested by client
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