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Empowering Resellers Through Innovation

HEXONET is driven by one passion: empowering resellers through world-class engineering and innovation. Nice words, but what does this mean for you the reseller? Fundamentally, our mission is to provide resellers with a wide variety of highly engineered Internet solutions and services with lower operational costs, higher levels of reliability, and industry leading performance all through API or web interface console.

For resellers it is as simple as connect and make profits. HEXONET takes care of the reliability of the service, continual optimization of systems for ultra-fast performance, ongoing investment and implementation of features/functionality, and managing relations with suppliers, registries, and regulatory bodies. Lets HEXONET deal with the difficult and technically complex issues so you, the reseller, don’t have to.

Advanced Technology Through Cooperation

The Internet is technology, and those with the best engineering succeed. To be at forefront innovation, HEXONET has partnered with 1API GmbH.

1API GmbH is a world class ICANN accredited registrar based out of Homburg, Germany. This partner exclusively focuses on domain name systems—especially integrating and testing against the growing list of registries around the world. 1API supports the widest array of TLDs and is constantly keeping pace with regulatory changes from ICANN. Their domain name system is highly robust and one of the fastest real-time systems in the industry. 1API works exclusively with HEXONET.

Service and Solutions for Thousands of Resellers

Since 1999, HEXONET has been a premier solutions provider and technology leader for the European Internet reseller market, particularly focused on domain names.  Thousands of resellers, startups, and service providers world-wide make HEXONET their solution provider of choice. And today, HEXONET manages over 400K domains for our clients.  HEXONET is headquartered in Homburg, Germany and has a North American subsidiary, HEXONET Services Inc. in Vancouver, Canada.  

About 1API GmbH:

1API GmbH exclusively provides registrar services to HEXONET. 1API received their ICANN accreditation in November 2007 and since then have become accredited for all major Top-Level-Domains (TLDs).

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